Dominican Honeymoon

 There is a tradition, after the wedding to go somewhere for a honeymoon. Basically, it does not matter where, you can fly to the other end of the world or you can go to a nearby park with a tent, the sense of a honeymoon is to be alone with your half, already in the status of a family, not thinking about work, give names to future children, and image what furniture to buy in your future home. For many families these days remain the best in life.
    Here in the Dominican Republic we very often take couples after weddings. And we are very happy about this. Most take with themselves wedding dress and are doing here  a wonderful romantic photo shoot, among the palm trees.
    Here are so many places for wedding photos: Ancient cities, waterfalls, snow-white beaches and the purest turquoise water. 
   I want to wish to Alena and Sergey a long and happy life!