Atypical Dominicana

 Dominican Republic It's not only beaches and palm trees. These are mountains and waterfalls, forests and jungles, and there are also many architecturally beautiful areas, which only Altos de Chavon stands for. I just want to show you some not typical places for a photo shoot in Punta Cana. During 1.5 hours we made a lot of cool and live photos, talked, shared experiences and funny cases. 
   I always try to meet with a couple or a model in an hour or better two, before shooting, if we have not seen before, just to talk, get to know each other better. Because it is very difficult to behave naturally in front of a stranger, especially if he has a big black camera in his hands! Usually we are limited in time, in addition the photographer tries to control the process and as a result command clients, constantly ask to do something new! It really difficult to be open and look natural in the photo. I can see it! According to statistics for the last 20 minutes of the session, i get the most live and emotional photos. And I want to notice that it is much more effective to talk an hour without getting the camera from the backpack than to increase the shooting time by an hour, because at this extra hour people are usually already tired! Especially I and many self-respecting photographers will not take money for this hour! My slogan: "I am interested in a good result even more than you" ))

Photo taken in the ​​Cape Cana area.