Destination Wedding Photography in Dominican Republic and the Caribbean Islands

- What do you like best in your profession?

This is one of the ways to make people happy, to be useful to society and at the same time to be free)

- What is the last thing you like in your profession?

I'm most upset when I can not surpass myself! Every time you have to be better!

- How should the bride and groom choose a wedding photographer?

I think they need to think..... If you like the works of the photographer, photos are full of life, people jump, run and dance, then you need to understand that this is not a photographer taught them to be like this, they are the same in the real life! And in another case, if you liked the photos for their grace and drama, serious portraits, people look you right into the soul from  photos, but you would jump, run and lough at your event, then such a photographer would not be the right choice. Although it is considered that a professional should make equally ideal job for all types of people, but this is not true! You need to understand exactly who you really are! And choose the same photographer, because as they say, the photos are a mirror of the autor's soul!

- What do you want to say with your photos?


I want people, when they look at themselves, to think, how beautiful I am, this is very important for me. The main goal is to show your "best side". And of course to return you that day. And even half a century later my photos will be able to return you to that day and bring pleasant emotions to anyone who looks at them.

- Why the Dominican Republic?


When I first flew to Punta Cana, as a tourist, I fell in love with this place, cheerful people and summer all year round, I realized that this is what I dreamed of! When I looked around as a photographer, I understood that it's the place where I should work!

- What would you advise the brides when they are preparing for their wedding?



The dress, bouquet, make-up and bride's hair are undoubtedly important, and you must choose the right professional! 
But the most important thing is how all these things are harmonized with each other! 
Take time for this, watch more beautiful wedding photos, get inspired!

There are a lot of resources where experienced people choose for you the best wedding photos. If you do not know where to find similar resources, ask me or other photographers, we are always happy to help! we all work for the same result!